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PMMC visits Zambia

A delegation from PMMC is in Zambia to meet with the Association of Women in Mining Zambia (AZWiM) The visit is a reciprocal one to three previous visits by members of AZWiM (Association of Zambian Women in Mining) to PMMC in Ghana. The two entities are seeking to collaborate in the trade of gemstones. 

Speaking at the first of four meetings held on Monday 15th September2019, at the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry, the Managing Director of PMMC, Alhaji Sulemana Alhassan said, PMMC is very excited to have finally embarked on the visit to Zambia to explore the opportunities the visit will offer to both entities and countries. 

The visit is a reciprocal one to the Association of Women in Mining Zambia (AZWiM) under the Auspices of Oxfam Zambia, and Friends of the Nation, Ghana. 

The first of four meetings were held at the Zambian Ministry of Trade, Commerce, and Industry, the second meeting was held with officials from the Zambian Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development. 

The third meeting was held at the Oxfam Head office in Zambia, where the Acting Country Director of Oxfam, Zambia, Mrs. Mavis Makunka met the PMMC team.

The fourth meeting for the day was held at the Head office of ZCCM-IH (one of the top Investment Holding companies in Zambia). The Acting Chief Executive Mr. Mabvuto Chipata spent over an hour welcoming the PMMC team and engaged in several issues of mutual interest with his management team.

It is hoped that at the end of the visit, an MOU will be signed between  AZWiM and PMMC to kick start the trade of gemstones which is in abundance in Zambia.

Source: PMMC

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